Homeschool Dad cares for Postpartum Mommas | ReconCast Episode 11

Hosts: Joe Graham and Dan Stachosky

The guys talk about how Joe’s unplanned homebirth went and what these now homebirth Dads do to take care of their wives after birth.  Also, we finish up our interview with Joel Ryals, hear how he integrates with his wife and keeps the family even-keeled and on the same page.


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Joel Ryals
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2 Replies to “Homeschool Dad cares for Postpartum Mommas | ReconCast Episode 11”

  1. What a great podcast! I listened to about 5 today so hopefully I can comment on the right one. They were all very helpful and brought up excellent point for running your family. I was really encouraged by everything you said. It also opened my eyes to think about how I control the schedule when I am filling in for my wife. It is too easy to be the fun creative dad and then leave her in a position where everyone is off schedule, when she is able to return.

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