What Should Christians Think about Captain America: Civil War?

I know what you’re thinking Mom and Dad, its Friday night, its Family Fun night!  What should we do together?  My family and I enjoy a good movie, but there’s so much to think about.  How should Christian parents be engaged when watching movies?  How can we help our family draw some valuable instruction from the Captain America films?

ReconReviews takes a look at Captain America:Civil War, set to be released on DVD September 13, 2016 .  We’ll show you what we found in this superhero movie.

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Checking Vision’s Sight

Vision, from Captain America: Civil War, is the superhero that seems like a demigod.  With arguably the most powers of anyone else on The Avengers, Vision will always remain a force to be reckoned with.  He appears to be Marvel’s version of Superman, only MORE powerful.  Which leads to a very important question, how exactly does Vision determine what is worth defending and what isn’t?

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Captain America: Winter Soldier – Review

Captain American defends freedom

Captain America is one of the most familiar super heroes in the world today. He’s completely dominating the charts of the movie and comic book universe. The Captain is headlining movies and playing a premier role in multiple features. What is clear is that moviegoers love to sit back, sip some soda,  butter up their corn and watch Cap defend freedom.   But this begs the question, is Cap actually defending freedom or is he behind the times, stuck in another era of history?

This isn’t freedom, this is fear. -Captain America

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Worldview Test (PEERS) – ReconCast Episode 3

Reconstruction Life

Hosts: Joe Graham & Dan Stachofsky

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On this episode of ReconCast the guys reconnect after a long break since they last spoke.  Thanks so much to our one fan for reminding us to keep at it!  Lots of things for us to discuss today: homeschool graduates, IKEA hostage traps, ad-hoc family trips, even buying a car!  Join the guys as they share some stories together. Continue reading “Worldview Test (PEERS) – ReconCast Episode 3”

Measuring a Worldview

Do you ever wonder what kind of worldview you have? Maybe you just want to know if you’re thinking biblically through the maze of political talking points. Trying to organize some of these seemingly different Christian concepts can be challenging. There’s so many truths that I know, but applying the right ones to a particular situation can seem a little muddy. There is plenty you have to think through, and sometimes you are simply trying to get your bearings.

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What is the place of education in the Christian Life?

Most people when they hear about education today usually think about school buildings, hired teachers, textbooks, and tests.  While these are aspects of American education today, this was not always the case.

As Noah Webster describes, in former periods of American history, education was more considered to include, 1) having possession of the truth, 2) mental and moral development to prepare one for their station in life, 3) mastery of ability to speak, read and write, and 4) being well-grounded in Christian religious beliefs. Continue reading “What is the place of education in the Christian Life?”

Why I’m a homeschool Dad, and you should too! – ReconCast Episode 2

Reconstruction Life

Welcome to another episode of ReconCast where Joe and Dan begin the conversation about education, and how Christians should view education in general.  This is the first in a multi-part series of back-and-forth discussion on God’s view of education, and how that manifests itself in the family.   Thanks for listening! Continue reading “Why I’m a homeschool Dad, and you should too! – ReconCast Episode 2”