Speakers and Topics

Mark Rushdoony

President of Chalcedon

Mr. Rushdoony will lead our 2018 June Conference with several talks discussing the fundamental aspects of Christian Reconstruction.  He has been the president of Chalcedon and its subsidiary Ross House Books since 1998 and has written scores of articles for its publications.  He has spoken at numerous conferences and churches in the U.S. and abroad.


  • The Core Ideas of Christian Reconstruction

“Ideas have consequences,” Richard M. Weaver famously said in 1948. Indeed, what we believe shapes or thinking and our actions, as both reflect our assumptions about what is true. The most basic assumptions on which we act are those held by religious faith; these form our conception of origin, purpose and certainty. All men are by nature religious because they operate in terms of basic assumptions, or presuppositions. We live what we believe. Religious and intellectual honesty necessitates that we understand and acknowledge “where we are coming from” because this directs where we are headed. This lecture will examine the core ideas of the founders of Christian Reconstruction and why these ideas, while not new to Christian thought, cumulatively constitute a challenge to the modern church.

  • Christian Reconstruction: How It Arose as a Response to a Church In Retreat

By the mid-twentieth century, the Western church was in a marked decline, first in influence, then in numbers. Its theology had made it irrelevant. Its idea of spirituality was thoroughly dualistic, so that it felt religion was about the afterlife and the world and our life in it was best left to the devil. Its eschatology after WWI was pessimistic; it saw the Kingdom as either heavenly or beyond the return of Jesus, so Christian action was renounced. Its teaching of obedience was subjective, and its standards therefore changed with the culture. As the capital of centuries of Christianity quickly eroded and revolutionary changes in the culture were manifested, a “new” idea began to emerge, that of Christian Reconstruction, which is an analogy of the Christian’s responsibility as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.


Tim Yarbrough

Entrepreneur and Activist

Tim has been an entrepreneur for the last 40 years and those endeavors have provided the doors for mentoring/apprenticing between 350-400 young men and women as well as helping many of them establish family based business operations.  The dominant focus of his life and labors for the Kingdom have been intentionally and consciously local.

  • Prioritizing the Kingdom Through Understanding and Maturing Your Circles of Influence

God prioritizes our activities and influence by His commanded design of life: our circles of influence.

  • Covenant Christian Capital: The Development of Influence Through Planned Entrepreneurship

By combining ambition, capital, and purpose we are responsibly advancing the Kingdom by the economics of intentionality.

Susan Eby


Married to her husband Dan for 43 years, Susan Eby is a writer whose passion is to encourage and strengthen younger women in their callings as wives, mothers, and women of true Theocentric faith as Titus 2 describes them. Dan and Susan have three married children and 11 grandchildren. Susan is currently completing a 3 volume book series for women that is soon to be published. You can find her blog, “Autumn Song,” at www.autumnsong.net.

  • Loving Your Husband as He Fulfills His Calling

The theme of this session will be the Biblical role of the wife, specifically as it pertains to her affirmation of the call of God in her husband’s life and in their family. It will reinforce the unique and individual God-ordained roles of the husband and wife, particularly in light of the present culture and the current attack against the Biblical model. The presentation will focus on the primary foundation of a Godly marriage– that is, a comprehensive Theocentric faith that forms the Biblical worldview by which the family will be equipped. Standing firm against cultural distortion, we believe unwaveringly that the husband and wife were designed by God with different but complimentary roles, in order to complete– not compete against– each other as together they seek to glorify God in their family vocation.

  • Preparing Our Children to Fulfill the Dominion Mandate

The goal of raising Godly children is far more than merely spiritual survival. The first question a parent must ask is not, “What do we do to raise Godly children?” but rather, “What do we believe, in order that we might raise Godly children?” As mothers who are training our children to apprehend the dominion mandate, our work must be built upon a firm foundation of comprehensive Theocentric faith that that will equip the family with a sound Biblical worldview. This session will also consider some “chinks in the armor”–i.e. some common weaknesses that must be recognized and avoided as we prepare the next generation to live and practice the dominion mandate.

More Speakers to Be Announced Soon!!!