June 2018 Christian Reconstruction Family Business Symposium


Christian Reconstruction, over the last 40 years, has developed a comprehensive doctrinal applicability to matters long neglected by the American church.

While the development of the Reconstructionist mindset has not made demonstrable headway into modern pulpits, adherents to Reconstruction are applying their comprehensive worldview in matters critical to generational success; namely, our ability to apply the principles of law & covenant to a family-based economic model. Christian Reconstruction must leverage this spiritual heritage, corporately and individually, in the development of future human and financial capital in order to glorify God in the marketplace.

Join us June 8-10, 2018, at the Pacific Northwest Christian Reconstruction Meeting, as we evaluate the state of Reconstructionists Family Businesses in our region and seek to apply the principles of covenant and law toward advancing the Kingdom of Christ in generational family economics.

We are seeking to build faithful Christian families that have practical questions regarding the applicability of their faith under current circumstances.  Each of our strategies and tactics may differ, but our desire is the same: to see Christ glorified in each of our lives and in the lives of those around us.


We aim to discuss some foundational and introductory topics related to the principles and worldview of Reconstructionist thought during the weekend.  Expect to have many opportunities while at this event to meet and mingle with many seasoned Reconstructionist families.  We will also be discussing advanced topics surrounding Business practices from the Reconstructionist perspective.


We will be having three separate tracks during this event:

Introduction to Christian Reconstruction Track:

The Core Ideas of Christian Reconstruction

Prioritizing the Kingdom Through Understanding and Maturing Your Circles of Influence

The Necessity of God’s Law

A Victorious Eschatology

Christian Reconstruction: How It Arose as a Response to a Church in Retreat

Family Business Track:

A Reconstructionist View of Family Business

How Your Family Business is the Beginning of a Generational Enterprise

The Cultivation of Generational Capital: A Long-Term View of Success

Developing a Family Office

Understanding and Developing Generational Wealth Tools

Covenant Capital: The Development of Influence Through Planned Entrepreneurship

Women of Virtue Track:

Raising Godly Children to Exercise Dominion

Loving Your Husband and His Call


This multi-day event is designed to give those in the Pacific Northwest the opportunity to fellowship, network, and develop lasting relationships with others in the region.  It is our intent to create a long-term impact in this state and those surrounding to fundamentally proclaiming the Lordship of Christ in all areas.  Many of the families that have and will be participating in this event are committed to a long-term vision for the future.  We are not rallying our troops to generate fervor for the next election cycle, nor are we resting our hopes on the efforts of the current generation.

We welcome you to this exciting event.



27875 White River Rd
Leavenworth, WA 98826

We will be at the beautiful Tall Timber Outdoor Retreat center in Leavenworth, WA.  This is by far the most beautiful location we’ve ever had and we are quite excited they will host us.  Tall Timber will provide lodging and food for the event and we’ll have access to a majority of the facilities.


Lodging Options:

There are multiple cabins available. We will be arranging families and individuals that have paid for cabins on a first come first serve basis.


We have 14 camper cabins of various sizes which can hold a total of approximately 130 campers.  Each cabin has a rustic wood stove for heat, and 9 have electric heat.  We have 7 cabins with their own bathrooms, while the rest utilize a centrally located bathhouse in the non-winter months.



The Schulze Center is a separate, self-contained retreat facility.  It is a modern lodge that sleeps up to 30 guests in 8 rooms.  It has full bathrooms, kitchen, and a dining/meeting area.

Lodging and Food Cost:

ADULT (Ages 11+) Cabin w/ Bathroom – $133

YOUTH (Ages 5-10) Cabin w/ Bathroom – $69

ADULT (Ages 11+) Communal Bath – $124

YOUTH (Ages 5-10)Communal Bath – $65

CHILD (Ages 0-4) – FREE

RV Spots and Food Cost:

RV Spot Cost – $64

RV Meals ADULT (Ages 11+) – $71

RV Meals YOUTH (Ages 5-10) – $41

CHILD (Ages 0-4) – FREE


We are offering the tickets through EVENTBRITE currently.  If you contact us directly we can accept a check payment in order to avoid the surcharge from the online provider.  Email admin@reconstructionlife.com to inquire about this option.

Food Allergies:

All allergy considerations will be made directly with Tall Timber.  Contact with the Food Services Director will be provided upon registration if required.



Our main lodge contains a complete kitchen, dining hall, and meeting room for up to 200 people.  It also has bathrooms and smaller meeting areas, as well as a piano, sound system, and HD media projector.


When the weather is nice, this large covered worship/recreation center is a wonderful space to use.  It also contains our rock climbing wall and is ideal for group games, outside meetings, worship, or picnic style meals.  During the summer it contains a sound system, stage lighting, and media projection system.


Our campfire circle has three sections of benches and faces a view of the stunning mountain cathedral, seating up to 200 people.


  • Volleyball
  • Labyrinth
  • Basketball
  • Table Games
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Field Games
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Gutter Ball
  • Hiking
  • Horseshoes
  • Playground
  • Pool Table
  • Whitewater Rafting

You won’t want to miss it!