Get this Family Real Estate Business Off the Ground

It’s time that we took this real estate business seriously.  Things are moving quickly now that we’ve found a potential property to buy!

Sorry we haven’t been putting out very many videos this Christmas season. We’ve been up to our neck with so many things happening to the family. Maybe we’ll be able to share with you all how crazy its been later.

We’re very excited that we are in the process of buying our first “fixer-upper.” If everything pans out we should be able to tell you more when we close. It’s exciting!

I take Korbin along to get involved with the process of evaluating a home and doing our due diligence.

Thanks for watching!

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2 Replies to “Get this Family Real Estate Business Off the Ground”

  1. Oh man…..teaser! I want to know how the meeting with the city went….More info on the steps you are taking….cough it up, man! Otherwise, I am going to have to beat it out of you when you are down here next time! 🙂

    1. Oh that’s funny. Don’t worry we’ll disclose everything soon! I don’t want to get my cart before my horse-in other words I’d like to make sure we’re going to close on this house first (which I think we will)!

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