Fully Charged Mom

“Does anyone know where my lightening cord is?”  I hate to admit how often this question is asked by me.  As I am semi-shouting this into apparent oblivion for the ump-teenth time this week, it hits me.  This frantic search for energy is the current state of my life, not just of my iPhone.



Go from Living Under 10% to Fully Charged

It seems like each day I am trying to cram in just one more task before my battery dies. I am noticing that this is pretty much the norm for mothers, especially with many young children. I am not thriving while living tired, and my family needs me at full power! The role of a cheerful and purposeful mom is so very vital, so I set out to find my lighting cord…

Get Rest!

You need to power off occasionally in order to get a full charge.  Go to bed early and squeeze in a nap! Michael Hyatt puts a high emphasis on nap time, and with good reason! Sleep when the baby sleeps is probably the best advice new mothers are given, but it is often the least heeded, to the whole family’s detriment. It is hard for me to set everything down and take a 20 minute snooze, but on days I make it a priority I find that I can keep running until well after dinnertime instead of crashing by 3pm. I can’t be zoned out on the couch for the last 6 hours of every day, so it is worth it.

Wake up For  your life instead of To  your life

It is never a good thing when I wake up feeling groggy to a toddler with a poopy diaper, an expresso-charged puppy begging for a walk, spilled milk, or any other catastrophe imaginable. Starting my day already behind sets me up for daily failure whether real or perceived. But if I have been up for a while, espresso-charged myself, spent some quiet time with the Lord, then I am powered up and ready to face any (or all, as the case may be) of those challenges with much more gusto, and much more cheerfully, I might add.  Getting up at least 30 minutes before the rest of the house is a good start. I’m currently working my way up to an hour earlier.

Make a list!– or a lot of lists.

Use an app (like Evernote) or write them on your wall if you need to, but get that overbearing list that is swirling around and nagging you all day out of your mind. It is much less overwhelming when you can see it in print and cross off tasks completed or tasks you realize are un-needed. Don’t forget to add items that you ended up doing that weren’t even on the list, so you have a reminder of where all your time (and energy) actually went.

Turn off the excess!

Just like all those apps that are running in the background drain your phone’s battery, the excess in your life drains you. Whether it be piles of mail, extracurricular activities, half-finished books or projects, or 16 pairs of extra shoes-cut off anything that isn’t worth your time and energy. Truly prioritize what you need in your life and what is just weighing you down. Books and blogs galore are dedicated to this idea, and with good reason. Minimize what you spend time, energy, money, and thoughts on, so you can do less, better.

Cry out to the Source of your power! 

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)  But I can do very little and nothing very well in my own strength.  Spending time in the Word, in Prayer, and in fellowship is vital to our well being.  Since all good things come from Him including the very life you are living, honoring the Lord with your time and tasks should be top priority, after all, He is the very source of the power to live life well.



When you’re feeling super drained, how do you become fully charged?



Silvia Viñuales via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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2 Replies to “Fully Charged Mom”

  1. Great article and it applies to the older generation too. Sometimes we take in too much or expect too much from ourselves. These are great ideas and comforting to know others face the same dilemma!! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging and motivating words. We moms often forget about ourselves while trying so hard to serve others. Let the Lord remind us on a daily basis to put these principals into action!

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