Leading the Family w/ Scott Brown | ReconCast Episode 8

Hosts: Joe Graham and Dan Stachofsky
Special Guest: Scott Brown
Where is the Fan!?! We need to hear from you! We’re starting a new segment, “questions from The Fan!” The guys imagine what The Fan might be up to and how he listens to ReconCast.

Also: SleepCasting, GMO Gasoline, Did Jesus have acne?
We had the privilege of interviewing Scott Brown at the CHEC Father Son Retreat.  He sits down and has a great discussion with us about family worship and fathers leading in their homes.
This and much more in this episode of ReconCast!  Tune in to hear what these homeschool dads are doing in their families and how they are helping to Reconstruct all of life!
National Center for Family Integrated Churches: https://ncfic.org/
Usual Segments: Kid Theology & Worse Excuses
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