Smashing the Idols of Taxation – A Breakthrough to Consider | John Forster

In this message John Forster explains that when the Church of Jesus Christ thinks wrongly about taxes it causes idolatry to flourish, encouraging murder, kidnapping, and theft; leading to death slavery, and poverty throughout the economy.  He then explains the solution to demolishing this false worship. You won’t want to miss it!

In this message you’ll get John’s full discussion about:

  • Covenant Foundation for Civil Government
  • Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
  • Why do we pay tax?
  • What should we do?

In this 50 minute message you get full:

  • Audio (mp3)
  • Video (mp4)
  • Notes (pdf)

Full audience discussion is included as well.

Hear the message and smash all false idols today!

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