Pacific Northwest Reconstruction Meeting Bundle

The Pacific Northwest Reconstruction Meeting was the first formal meeting of Reconstructionists in the Pacific Northwest in over 20 years!  What a blessing it was to hear and participate in this historic event.

Don’t miss your opportunity to listen in on these discussions.

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Included in each of the following messages:

Audio/Video & Notes

Smashing the Idols of Taxation ($5.00)

John Forster explains what happens when the church thinks wrongly about taxation.

Spreading the Gospel via Today’s Roman Roads ($5.00)

Joe Graham shares the message about how Christians can use the roads of today to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Passing on the Faith of Our Fathers  ($5.00)

Jason Diffner explains how the covenant assumes a lineage of faithfulness and how families today can grow and teach with these ideas in mind.

Introducing the Christian Liberty Party ($5.00)

Daniel Eby explains why our nation needs a political party founded on Jesus Christ.

Abolitionism ($5.00)

T Aidan McGuire discusses the church’s call to abolition and what it means for Christian Reconstructionists.

The Law of God ($5.00)

Sam McAllister explains how the Law of God specifically addresses personal obedience to each of us.


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