DIY King Farmhouse Bed

We’ve had so much going on this past month, that we haven’t been able to post much to the site.  I wanted to let you know what we’ve been working on, hopefully it can inspire you to create something incredible.

Jessica is quite a Pinterest wizard and she frequently finds projects that would add beauty to our home.  Since she is in charge of beautifying our home she find great ideas and then passes them on to me or my son to create them.


We did our best from a couple of different plans from Ana White, it’s basically what you see below, but we did have to make modifications as it went.  You’ll see what I mean if you build it.


The plans (basically):


2 – 8’ 2×6 premium
2 – 8’ 2×4 premium
2 – 8’ 4×4
8 – 8’ 1×8
8 – 8’ 1×4
4 – 8’ 1×3
3 – 8’ 2×2


We had to make a couple extra trips to Home Depot, like most of the projects we’ve done.


The Headboard



The Footboard



For the footboard we matched the paneling the same as the headboard, and ended up framing the headboard and footboard with 2x4s, so the drawer supports are on the inside of the footboard vice outside as depicted.


Drawer Frames



3 – 3/4” plywood board
1 – 1/4” plywood board


Board 1:


Have your hardware store rip the first piece into three equal sized strips, 15 1/2″ wide. Then all you have to do is make the cross cuts at home. These cuts are from the 3/4″ thick plywood. Make the walls 13 1/2” high not 13 1/4” as in the picture.
Board 2:
From another sheet of 3/4″ plywood, have your hardware store rip into two 15 1/2″ strips and one 13 1/2″ strip. From these strips cut the following pieces.
Board 3:
From the final 3/4″ piece of plywood, continue cutting out the support beams for the drawers.
Board 4:
From the 1/4″ plywood, we made the bottom of the drawers and the backs of the drawers as well.  15 1/2” x 80 1/4” for backing, measure and cut the drawer bottoms to fit.


We built the drawers as shown to fit in the frames.
The facing of the drawers was slightly different than depicted because we wanted the drawer faces to cover the frames.
The design we picked was the same, but the doors cover the frames, so the drawers sit flush with the frame facing.
Build six drawers as shown above. Your drawers must be perfectly square to slide properly into the bed. Remember, your drawer should be exactly 1″ less than the overall width of the opening, and 1″ less deep as well.
Install drawers into bed as shown in diagram, either using euro-style sliding or resting the drawers on the framing (which we did). Make sure drawer sits inset 1″ from outside of box to allow for drawer face. Adjust drawer slides until you are satisfied with how the drawer opens/closes.

Slat Support

We ended up using 1×3’s to support the bed frame, but after building it I’d recommend another 3/4” plywood board to support.  I’d also get another 2×4 to support the center of the plywood as well.


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2 Replies to “DIY King Farmhouse Bed”

    1. No problem, hope you can make it too!

      I screwed the whole thing together! Funny thing though, my wife wants me to entertain moving it downstairs. I will HAVE to put out a video about THAT adventure…yikes.

      The blue was actually gray: Varathane Wood Stain – Weathered Gray
      Hope that helps. If you build it, let us know!

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