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Holiday Happenings

Are you ready for the whirlwind to begin? I don’t know about you, but the next two months are going to be a blur for me. This is not just because we’re expecting a baby in January. We have to be very intentional to avoid the traps of the holiday season which often include excessive shopping, excessive eating, and the excessive self-focused thoughts, especially in our fast paced, materialistic culture. We have many traditions in our family. Some longstanding which were passed down from our parents or grandparents, some we have gathered along the way as our family has come into its own, and others we have purposely created in hopes of deeply imbedding concepts we feel are important. I’m only going to talk about one such tradition today- one I look forward to every year.

A Month of Good Books!

We have a serious love of books in our home. I mean, I have to ban children from reading just so we can get normal survival chores done- who does that?! Despite the numerous bookshelves we own, there are piles of books everywhere.  To my embarrassment (or should it be pride?) I regularly find books hidden behind the toilets in our home and books literally fall out of the van door when we get out somewhere. Reading is a highly competitive sport in our house. We of course, don’t read just anything though. It can be very arduous to sift through the rubble of the local library or book-store shelves to find something worthy of the time and energy it takes to read. However it is possible, and oh-so-worth it. Out of this love for reading, a new tradition was born.

Gathering New Favorites

Christmas-time makes for an added delight in our book selections. Over the years we have added new special books, one at a time, and we keep them in a large basket in the living room. Each year we read through those books over the month of December, not only out loud as a family, but also individually. These stories are all purposefully chosen for their gospel centered story, or particularly inspiring message. Since we read them year after year, they become a part of us, like a cherished memory. Each year, we look forward to reading them and await with anticipation the new story we will add to our tradition.

Traditions help make the season special, memorable, and purposeful.  Even if you didn’t grow up with memorable traditions, you can start now! Just add something new each year. Before you know it, you will be full of traditions to pass down to future generations.

Do you have any favorite Christmas stories that have blessed you? 


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