Prepping for a New Homeschool Year! Part 1

It’s time to get ready for a new homeschool year!  And that means families across the world are getting everything in order: schedules, curriculum, supplies, programs, pencils, paper.  There are so many things for us to think about!  But what is really important for us to remember?  Here are some of the topics my family and I will sit down and discuss before getting our homeschool year kicked off: Continue reading “Prepping for a New Homeschool Year! Part 1”

Sick Kids? Get them Healthy Again!

When a family gets sick, it can really knock them down.  It takes everyone pitching in to keep the wheels turning smoothly so when even one person is sick, it can throw a wrench in the gears.  When we share everything, we really share.  I have some delightful pictures of 2 children throwing up into the same toilet at the same time. Now that is bonding!

Here are some of the methods we implement to keep everyone comfortable, to fight off the sickness, and to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Continue reading “Sick Kids? Get them Healthy Again!”